What We Know

One of the glaring gaps in the education of Americans is how to manage money.


or three quarters of American adults report being “financially stressed.”


of students believe that personal finance should be mandatory in schools.


Saving is a problem for more than half of adults, even those earning more than $100,000.


or nearly two-thirds of Americans can’t pass a basic test on financial literacy.

The lack of financial literacy:

Limits an individual’s purchasing power and ability to secure basic needs

Creates financial stress and suppresses the immune system

A financially stressed and sick workforce impacts business profitability

Drains public resources and restricts economic growth

My Financial AcademyFinancial Literacy Program – Life Skills Program is:
Personal Finance Education for Everyone!

This program teaches people how to master everyday financial skills, and then bridges the gap to employee benefits when people are ready to enter/re-enter the workforce.


Created and delivered by Guinness World Record® Financial Literacy Program creator and presenter Denise Winston.


Through online video courses that range from 10 minutes to one hour, your participants will learn how to
budget, manage debt, achieve financial goals, and better understand, buy and use health insurance, financial products, services and resources


This program will guide participants towards financial independence and self-sufficiency. Each individual’s activity can be tracked, reported and integrated into existing programs. The courses and your portal can be customized to include links to additional resources and preferred service providers.


User-friendly online courses that range from 10 minutes to 1 hour.


Focused on everyday financial skills.


Designed to educate, not sell products or services.


Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Who is this program for?

Workforce Readiness Programs

Life Skills Programs


Rehabilitation Programs

Graduating High School Students

Emancipation Programs

College Students

Employer Wellness Programs

Mentoring Programs

A Financial Literacy – Life Skills Program that helps organizations put smart, confident and financially independent members of society into the communities they serve.

Why Program and Activity Directors Love it!

It works – effective, easy to implement, no hidden costs

Stakeholder and administrative reporting – tracks participants' progress by course, group or location automatically or with the push of a button

Ease of delivery – turnkey program designed to comply with various programs and grant requirements

Saves time – eliminates travel time and the need to schedule/cancel and reschedule in-person classes

Standardized and consistent – delivers a high-quality user experience every time

Engaging and convenient – reaches participants anywhere, anytime, on any device

Notification driven – automatic reminders keep participants on track

Seamlessly scalable – easily reach remote or multiple locations no matter what participants' schedules might be

My Financial AcademyFinancial Literacy Program leads with how to master everyday financial skills and financial products, then bridges the gap to teaching people about employee benefits for when they are ready to enter/re-enter the workforce.

Our courses include but are not limited to:


Offers a fresh approach to the topic and provides a step-by-step strategy to take control of your financial life!

Credit Score

In this course, participants will learn the critical ins and outs of credit and why good credit is so important to your financial life.


Who wants to spend a sick day in a waiting room? This course will help your participants make the most of their PTO and reduce the time/cost of unnecessary in-person office visits.


Retirement plans can be complicated and intimidating. This course will help your participants master every aspect of their 401(k) from pre-tax contributions, employer matches and investment fundamentals to 401(k) loans and rollovers.

Student Loans

There are some critical things potential borrowers need to know before they sign on the dotted line.  This course will help borrowers make educated decisions and protect their financial future by understanding key elements of student loans.

Credit Cards and Loans

In this course participants, will learn how to be a smart borrower. This is a crash course in understanding, evaluating and comparing credit card offers and loan documents.

Debt Management

Mastering this financial skill will put your participants’ on the road to financial freedom and help them live the life they want.

Financial Goals

Everyone wants to become super effective at getting what they want! Once your participants discover tools, techniques and financial strategies in this course they will be able to build the life they want!

Health Insurance

This course will help your participants better understand, use and buy this complicated and sophisticated financial product.

Dental, Vision, Disability and Life Insurance:

Learn to make informed decisions and how to use these financial products to stay healthy, protect your financial future and improve your overall financial success.

Checking Accounts and Prepaid Cards

In this course, participants will get the secrets to banking relationships and learn how to evaluate checking accounts and prepaid cards.  This course has all the basics, plus expert power tips!

What YOU do TODAY matters!
Let’s start a Financial Literacy Program and change lives!