All the financial help
your employees need
in one place.  Finally!

Why Financial Wellness and

Employee Benefits Communication Programs?

  • Help employees deal with their most pressing financial challenges
  • Dramatically improve benefits communication and achieve record participation
  • Lower tax liability, disability & workers’ comp claims
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Cut healthcare costs

Employees dealing with financial stress cost companies a fortune in lost productivity and extra healthcare expenses.

Money is a #1 Stressor


of workers acknowledge spending time at work dealing with personal finances.


of employees give responses that they are not financially secure.


want help managing their finances.


have experienced an increase in healthcare costs in the past two years.

The impact this can have on a business’ profitability and economic growth is staggering.

What We Know

Many Employees’:
– Have expenses that exceed their incomes
– Are carrying large amounts of debt
– Have no emergency savings
– Suffer from anxiety and loss of sleep
– Need help

Two of the BIGGEST personal distractions in the workplace are:
Money and Health

Reducing your employees’ financial stress and worries is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase work productivity and reduce healthcare costs for everyone.

The concept of financial wellness in the workplace is simple: If you aren’t distracted and worried about financial problems, you are less stressed, healthier and more able to focus on work. This leads to less downtime, absenteeism and turnover – while fostering a happier, healthier workforce.

happy employees

A workplace financial wellness program can be one of the best ways to helping your employees and your organization. The right program can help reduce financial stress and cut healthcare costs while guiding your employees through the various financial stages of life.  This program effectively engages and educates them about the benefits you pay so much for.

One of the biggest financial wellness implementation barriers is reaching employees who need help. Educating and engaging them with various types of financial wellness solutions can be overwhelmingembarrassing and cause communication overload for the employees.


The complexity people have to deal with is great. A lot of the challenge [in terms of solutions] is taking all this complexity and simplifying it. The days of having a whole array of vendors without organizing them and having a strong engagement strategy is behind us.

Financial Wellness Program & Employee Benefits Communication

We are THE one vendor that leads the way and guides employees
to all the other sources available to them.

My Financial Academy is:
12 Months to a Better Financial Future!

Created and delivered by Guinness World Record® Financial Literacy Program creator and presenter Denise Winston.
Through online video courses that range from 10 minutes to one hour, your employees will learn how to
budget, manage debt, achieve financial goals, better understand/use their benefits and more


Employee activity can be tracked, reported and integrated into existing health and wellness programs. To help you effectively educate and engage your employees about their benefits, your portal and courses can be customized to include links to additional employer-sponsored benefits as well as preferred service providers.


User-friendly online courses that range from 10 minutes to 1 hour.


Focused on everyday financial skills.


Designed to educate, not sell products or services.


Accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Who would be a good fit?

Anyone Looking to Foster a Happier, Healthier Workforce

Employers – Large and Small

Wellness Program Users

Health Insurance Exchange Users

Employers Wanting to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Self-Funded Groups

Why it Works!

Scalable – seamlessly reaches remote or multiple locations no matter what the participants' schedules might be.

Participants can be enrolled in a series of courses and tracked with the push of a button.

Easy to implement and administer.

Reduces coordination and administration of performance measures.

Standardized and consistent – delivers high-quality user experience every time.

Notification driven - reminders keep employees on track.

Convenient – reaches employees and their spouses anywhere, anytime on any device.

Customizable – has the ability to include links to specific employee benefits and preferred service providers.

My Financial AcademyFinancial Wellness Program helps employees make smart and confident healthcare, employee benefits and basic financial decisions.  Courses teach employees everyday financial skills and how to better understand, buy and use health insurance, financial products and other employer-sponsored benefits.

Our courses include, but are not limited to:


Offers a fresh approach to the topic and provides employees a step-by-step strategy to take control of their financial life!

Credit Score

Your credit score can determine if you get your dream job, your auto insurance rates, the cost of future loans and if a landlord will rent to you, and much more.  In this course, employees will learn the critical ins and outs of credit and why it is so important to your financial life.

Health Insurance

This course will help your employees better understand, buy and use this complicated and sophisticated financial product.


Retirement plans can be complicated and intimidating. This course will help your employees master every aspect of their 401(k), from pre-tax contributions, employer matches, and investment fundamentals to 401(k) loans and rollovers.

Student Loans

There are some critical things potential borrowers need to know before they sign on the dotted line.  This course will help borrowers make educated decisions and protect their financial future by understanding key elements of student loans.

Credit Cards and Loans

In this course, your employees will learn how to be a smart borrower. This is a crash course in understanding, evaluating and comparing credit card offers and loan documents.

Debt Management

Mastering this financial skill will put your employees on the road to financial freedom and help them live the life they want.

Financial Goals

Everyone wants to become super effective at getting what they want! Once your employees discover the tools, techniques and financial strategies taught in this course they will be able to build the life they want!


Who wants to spend a sick day in a waiting room? This course will help your employees make the most of their PTO and reduce the time/cost of unnecessary in-person office visits.

Dental, Vision, Disability and Life Insurance

Your employees will learn how to make informed decisions and how to use these financial products to stay healthy, protect their financial future and improve their overall financial success.

Checking Accounts and Prepaid Cards

In this course, your employees will get the secrets to banking relationships and learn how to evaluate checking accounts and prepaid cards.  This course has all the basics, plus expert power tips!

Become an industry leader and incorporate My Financial Academy – Financial Wellness Program into your business!