United States Financial Literacy Grants

How to Write a Proposal and Where to Find the Money

What’s in the Guide?

This eight-page guide will help you write a persuasive financial literacy grant proposal and help you search for potential sources of funding. It’s all here. Made simple for you!

1. Why Financial Literacy?
Get verbiage you can use to communicate how the lack of financial literacy impacts individuals, families, schools and communities and our country’s economic growth.
2. The Grant Proposal Process
These 8 pages will show you how to write a grant proposal, and includes sample verbiage.
3. Financial Literacy Curriculum
Program features, costs and options vary greatly and vetting potential curriculum providers can be challenging. Learn what questions to consider when selecting solution providers.
4. Financial Literacy Funding Prospects
Ever wondered where to find funding for financial literacy programs? This section includes a list of perspective funders.

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