Financial “Snacks”

Welcome to a page filled with bite-sized money “snacks” you can use in your everyday financial life.


We hope you have fun with the following tidbits from our founder and CEO Denise Winston’s media contributions.  As you can tell by the topics below, she loves to have fun with money.

  • 6 Ways to put your career on the fast track this summer

  • Tax tips for consultants and freelancers

  • Eight creative ways to stay out of debt

  • Make the most of your Pay Raise with Smart Spending

  • How to Weigh Your Options When Deciding on Financial Products

  • How to Combine Your Finances

  • The Secret to Turning 401(k) into Startup Capital

  • 10 Financial Terms You Should Know

  • 10 ways co-signers can protect themselves

  • Money Tips for Newlyweds: From Yours and Mine to Ours

  • Help Your Teen Find a Summer Job

  • How to Create a More Effective Debt Pay-Down Plan