The Easiest Way to Implement Telemedicine Benefits and Engage Employees.

What We Know

Perhaps the most significant opportunity for employers and employees to cut healthcare costs, save time and improve productivity is telemedicine.

Is YOUR Telemedicine Utilization Currently Low?

Time and again employees don’t take advantage of their telemedicine benefit because they don’t know about itdon’t understand it, don’t know how to access it, and/or appreciate how it can help them save time, money and sick time/PTO.

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The more your employees use your telemedicine benefit, the more time and $$$$ you and your employees will save.


Now you can:
– Empower your employees
– Improve workforce health
– Increase productivity
– Strengthen your bottom line
– Reduce communication overload

Our easy to access, user-friendly online video course, teaches employees what telemedicine is, how to use it, and how it can help them get them get most out of their sick time/PTO.

Better way to:

Engage and enroll employees

Increase utilization

Reduce communication overload

Achieve record participation and ROI

Ideal for:

Implementing a new telemedicine program

Onboarding new employees

Creating awareness, access, and use

Financial wellness programs

Features and Benefits that Make “My Benefits Academy” a Smart Choice!

Economical. No Long-Term Contracts.

Saves Time

  • Easy to implement and administer.
  • Seamlessly scalable – easily reaches remote and/or multiple locations no matter what the scheduling might be.

Ease of Delivery

  • Participants can be enrolled in the program with the push of a button.
  • Reaches participants anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Stakeholder & Administrative Reporting

  • Automatically tracks participants’ activity.
  • Reporting can be automatically scheduled and sent to multiple administrators, providers, and/or stakeholders.


  • Ability to include links to specific telemedicine providers and/or other resources.
  • Custom user data easily integrates with existing health and wellness programs.

Participants Love It

  • Engaging online video courses delivered by Denise Winston, a 25-year former banker, and Guinness World Record Financial Literacy Program creator and presenter.
  • Conversational course that uses real-world situations as examples and links to providers so participants’ can immediately take action.

It’s all right here. Made easy for you!

Why HR Professionals, CFOs and Employees Love it!

It’s a solution that meets the needs of HR, employees, CFOs and the telemedicine provider.

It Helps:

Increase utilization and achieve record ROI

Everyone save time and maximize efficiency

Reduce communication overload

Optimize employee engagement without creating more work for HR

By giving employees a clear understanding of telemedicine and how to access and use their benefits

If you want to curb your organizations rising healthcare costs while helping your employees, let’s connect!