A Turnkey, Cost-effective, Scalable Financial Wellness and
Financial Literacy Program for Employers and Organizations, Large and Small.

“My Financial Academy” is ready to benefit your company or organization.
We’ve packed it with everything you need to successfully help people take control of their financial lives. Give your stakeholders the results they’ve been looking for.

Customized portal on our learning management system (LMS)

Course certificates

Ongoing and robust reporting

Online courses (10 minutes to 1 hour)

Uses real-world examples

Covers today’s most important financial topics

Caters to people of diverse backgrounds and cultures

Engages with knowledge checks and activities

Provides usable hands-on information

Our easy-to-access online courses teach every day financial skills by covering these topics and so much more!

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Debt Management

How to get and stay out of debt.


A fresh step-by-step approach to spending and saving.

Quick Tips

Strategies to help you spend less and get more.

Investment Basics

Learn the basics so you can make informed decisions.

Financial Goals

How to set and achieve financial goals.


Save time and money and get healthcare anytime and anywhere.

Credit Scores

Protecting your credit and improving your score.

Health Insurance

How to better understand, buy and use health insurance.

Features and Benefits that Make “My Financial Academy” a Smart Choice!

Saves Time

  • Easy to implement and administer.
  • Notification driven – automatic reminders keep participants on track.
  • Seamlessly scalable – easily reaches remote or multiple locations no matter what the scheduling might be.

Ease of Delivery

  • Participants can be enrolled in courses with the push of a button.
  • Delivers a high-quality user experience every time.
  • Reaches participants anywhere, anytime on any device.

Stakeholder & Administrative Reporting

  • Automatically tracks participants’ progress by course, individual, group or location.
  • Reporting can be automatically scheduled and sent to multiple administrators and/or stakeholders.


  • Ability to incorporate links to employer-sponsored benefits, preferred service providers and/or other resources.
  • Custom user data easily integrates with existing health and wellness and/or learning programs.

Participants Love It

  • Engaging online video courses delivered by Denise Winston, a 25-year former banker, and Guinness World Record Financial Literacy Program creator and presenter.
  • Courses that are conversational, use real-world examples and cover today’s most important financial topics.
  • Content designed to educate, not to sell products or services.

For Employers

Employee Financial Wellness Programs that help employers cut healthcare costs and increase profitability by reducing employee financial stress. This workplace program for employees leads with how to better understand, buy and use health insurance and other employer-sponsored benefits, and then bridges the gap to everyday financial skills.

For Organizations

Financial Literacy – Life Skills Programs that helps organizations put smart, confident and financially independent members of society into the communities they serve. This program teaches people how to master everyday financial skills and financial products. It then bridges the gap to teaching about employee benefits when they are ready to enter/re-enter the workforce.

Are you ready to deliver high-value, life-impacting financial education?