Our Mission

Deliver high-value, life-impacting financial education at pivotal moments.

Who We Are

Money Starts Here, LLC is a leading Financial Education Company for Employers and Organizations large and small. We specialize in financial wellness and financial literacy programs that focus on everyday financial skills, health insurance, financial products and employer-sponsored benefits.

What we do:

Help people make smart, confident financial decisions.


Why we do it:

The lack of financial literacy has devastating effects on individuals, families, schools, businesses, and communities. It limits an individual’s purchasing power and ability to secure basic needs. A financially stressed workforce impacts business profitability, drains public resources and restricts economic growth.


What makes us different:

What makes our workplace financial wellness and financial literacy programs different is that they are designed to educate not sell products or services. We help people make smart, confident financial decisions and better understand, buy and use financial products, services, and employer-sponsored benefits.

What We Offer

My Financial Academy – Personal finance education for everyone!


Created and delivered by Guinness World Record® Financial Literacy Program creator and CEO, Denise Winston. Through online video courses that range from 10 minutes to one hour, participants learn how to budget, manage debt, achieve financial goals, better understand, buy and use financial products, health insurance and employer-sponsored benefits. Participant activity can be tracked, reported and integrated into existing health and wellness programs. Portals and courses can be customized to include links to preferred service providers and/or employer-sponsored benefits.

For Employers

Employee Financial Wellness Programs that help employers cut healthcare costs and increase profitability by reducing employee financial stress. This workplace program for employees leads with how to better understand, buy and use health insurance, financial products and other employer-sponsored benefits. It then bridges the gap to teaching basic everyday financial skills.

Financial Literacy – Life Skills Programs that helps organizations put smart, confident and financially independent members of society into the communities they serve. This program teaches people how to master everyday financial skills and financial products. It then bridges the gap to teaching about employee benefits when people are ready to enter/re-enter the workforce.

Why Choose Us

We are real people that take pride in delivering a truly useful service, enthusiastically and in the
spirit of genuine helpfulness.

Our wholly unbiased financial education is empowered by our belief that everyone deserves access to a basic, unbiased financial education.

We believe that together we can do something incredible – put better-educated consumers into our communities and workforce while improving the lives of everyone that lives, works and does business in this great nation.

Imagine the relief on the faces of the people around you when you help them address their financial fears and insecurities.

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Together We Can Make a Difference

Are you ready to deliver high-value, life-impacting financial education? Let’s get started!